Hardware Requirements

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Minimum Hardware requirements

Operating system Trinity, Genesis and KinEx are ecompatible with Windows 2000/NT/XP Windows vista and Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Trinity: Minimum requirement is 256MB RAM, 500MB Hard Drive, 800 MHz Pentium III or higher, 64MB video card for 3D visualization. Memory requirement depends on the data to be modeled. We recommend 1GB or more RAM and a video card with 128 MB or higher for best performance. See below for details.

Genesis and KinEx 64MB RAM, 100 MB Hard Drive, Pentium III,

Recommended hardware for 3D visualization

Trinity's 3D viewer is a pretty powerful visualization tool. It basically works on any PC. However, a 64MB or better graphics card is recommended. A 128MB (more is merrier) card will give you good performance. On a desktop PC, you can buy a good 128MB card for about $150 and can just unplug your old card and plug the new one in to replace it. Currently, laptop graphics cards are not upgradable, so you may need buy a a new laptop with good graphics card. Currently (this page is written 2/24/05) the following laptops have the best graphics cards: Dell M60, IBM ThinkPad T41p or T42p and HP/Compaq nw8000. Among these, the T41p is probably the lightest laptop. The cards to look for in a laptop would be the ATI Mobility Radeon series 9600 or higher, ATI Fire GL series, NVidia FX Go 5600 or higher or NVidia Quadro series. To check your computers graphics card, 1) right click on the Desktop and select properties. 2) Click on Settings tab, make sure here you are set at True color (32bit) and 3) Click on Advanced and then 4) Click on the Adaptor tab. You can see the model and memory size of the graphics card. Graphics card driver software are often the problem if your 3D viewer crashes. You may need to upgrade to the latest driver by visiting the PC or the card maker's web site.

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