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"ARCO developed the best one-D basin modeling software."

                                                                              -- quoted from a ZetaWare competitor

ARCO Exploration and Production Technology, a division of Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO), spent over 15 years of research to build this state of the art basin modeling program. The results of many key research projects were incorporated in Genesis so that the technology investment can be applied in the exploration projects. ARCO sponsored many research projects to support the development of Genesis. These projects included source rock data base study, kinetics of source rocks, source rock sorption research, burial history database, bottom hole temperature correction, paleo-surface temperature study, ... to name a few.

ZetaWare continues to work closely with the top minds in the industry, especially those at the ZetaWare's consortium companies. Genesis has benefited greatly from the on going research.

Genesis sets itself apart from other commercial 1D software with advanced theories as well as ease of use.

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