KinEx Feature Examples

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What is KinEx ?
KinEx is a quick source rock maturation modeling tool for predicting expelled products and GOR from a source rock with inter-bedded organo-facies ( geochemical log). It features drag and drop interactivity and professional graphical output. Over 40 different maturation parameters are predicted including oil and gas expelled, GOR, vitrinite reflectance, and properties of expelled products such as density and interfacial tension, etc.

KinEx is suited for the average geologist and geochemist to quickly analyze the oil and gas potential of a source rock as well as experts who want to validate ground truth in their modeling work.

KinEx can be used as an extension to Genesis for predicting additional fluid properties and volumes expelled per unit area based on thermal history models from Genesis.

Written by geologist for geologist
KinEx is simple, intuitive, and fast. Drag the source facies into the cooking area to make a source rock composite and click Calculate. That's all it takes. The entire work flow takes less than a minute. Then you can spend your time on what if scenarios.

Predict composition of expelled products
KinEx models multiple stacked source facies to predict the composition and the timing of expelled products as a function of the geochemical profile. Here is the expulsion behaviors of typical source facies when they are modeled separately. The composition of expelled products from a composite source will depend on the thickness, TOC, HI of all the sub-layers. Blue line on graph indicates expulsion threshold.

Managing and Compare Kinetics data
KinEx can be used to build kinetics files from raw data for use in Genesis and Trinity. User can customize and tune kinetcs parameters to best honor maturity data. One can also compare the thermal behavior of different published or custom kinetic models

GOM Example
Simply drag in the source facies you may have for your area and then cross plot the parameters you are interested. This example compares cumulative GOR of expelled petroleum as a function maturity for two different source rock facies in the Gulf of Mexico.

What can I do with KinEx ?
KinEx calculates a host of parameters related to the source rock composite and the expelled products. These parameters are essential for the value of the exploration prospects. below are of some of the parameters KinEx calculates. User can cross plot any combination of these parameters against time, temperature or each other.

Oil Retained
Gas Retained
Instantaneous GOR (scf/bbl)
Instantaneous density (g/cc)
Instantaneous viscosity (cP)
Instantaneous IFT (N/m)
Oil Expelled (mmbbl/km2)
Gas Expelled (bcf/km2)
Gas Expelled (mmboe)
Oil Expulsion Efficiency
Gas Expulsion Efficiency
G/(O+G) Expelled
GOR of Expelled Petroleum (scf/bbl)
Transformation Ratio
ARCO Vitrinite Ro(%)
BP Reflecting Vitrinite (%Ro)
LLNL Vitrinite Ro(%)
S1 Sterane Expelled
S2 Hopane Expelled
H1 Hopane Expelled
A1 Aromatic Expelled
A3 Aromatic Expelled
MDR Expelled
TOC (wt%)
HI (mg/g TOC)
S1 (mg/g Rock)
S2 (mg/g Rock)
Production Index

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