Trinity Movie Examples - Automatic salt restoration through time

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Automatic salt restoration through time ...

Trinity 3D can automatically calculate the thickness of the salt layer through time based on the burial and subsidence history. This feature allows sub-salt petroleum system (timing of trap formation and maturation) to be correctly modeled. The salt thickness and geometry at a given geological time significantly affects the temperature distribution below the salt layer and therefore the maturity and timing of generation. The timing of trap formation under the salt is another important factor that determines hydrocarbon migration and accumulation.

This movie shows a typical development of salt, which thins under thicker sediment load and progressively moves outboard. Shrinking salt pillows gradually break into thin walls. Such rolling movement of the salt causes sub-salt temperature distribution to change over time, impacting maturity and timing. You may scroll the move back to 84 Ma to see the paleo mini-salt basins.

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