Common problems during installation or check out.

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Note: These are problems you may enouter when installing the software or licensing.

"This application failed to start because ... or was unable to start correctly ..."

When you launch the program, you may get an error like, "This application failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. ...", or "This application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005)", or something similar. This is typically because Microsoft Windows is missing the c++ component, which many programs depend on. You may download and install the component from this link at Microsoft web site to resolve this. If you are running the 64 bit version of Trinity 3D, download from this link .

Error: "Cannot access registry, you need some administration privileges".

Problem: This happens on Windows 7 or Vista when UAC (User access control) is turned on.

Solution : UAC can be turned off under Control Panel. On Windows 7, click the Windows Start button, and type UAC, the click "Change User Account Control Settings". Then lower the notification level to "Never notify", and restart. On Windows Vista, open Control Panel, click "Turn User Account Control on or off", and uncheck "Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer". Click OK and restart.

Work around: You can temporarily work around this problem by right clicking the program icon (desktop short cut) and choose "Run as administrator". You can set the Run as administrator attribute as default for the short cut, by right clicking the short cut and then choose properties, and Compatibility tab.

UAC also prevents users from using the drag-and-drop feature to import files into Trinity, and the net work license check out feature.
Windows XP did not have UAC, so turning off UAC makes it behave like XP. UAC does not really help you protect your computer despite what Microsoft says. It only prevents you from using your own computer. Google or search Youtube for "how to turn off UAC" and see how many people are having the same problems.

"Access denied".

You may get this error when registering a users machine to use a network license. You enter the license path and click OK. You get this error. This simply means that the user does not have permission to access the network license folder. Since the software needs to update the license file for the license to work, users need to have read and write permission to the network license folder.

Error: "License is illegally restored", "Invalid machine code" or "Signature error".

You may get a "invalid machine code", or "license illegally restored" error when you attempt to install a new license, or check out a license on to a laptop. This is because there is an old dead or expired license file in the folder you are installing (checking out) the license to. If you are installing a new license, this old license file is in the license path you selected. It is the sub-folder with a long numbered name in the license path. For standalone license, this is typically in your programs folder, such as "C:\Program files (x86)\ZetaWare\Genesis\". If you are checking out a license, the folder is now in "C:\Users\Your_name\AppData\Local\ZetaWare\CheckoutLicenses". This typically happens if you have copied previous software installation from an old laptop or hard drive, or reinstalled Windows, etc. This can also happen if you had an old dead or expired license file in the location you are installing the new license to. To solve this error, simply delete the old license folder (the long numbered) and try again. For network license reinstall, you may want to delete only the .SLS files in the sub folder, keeping the log file for your records.

"Signature error" means that the license manager thinks your license file is no longer associated with the hardware it was created. This could be that it was moved to a new server, or new hard drive. A new license may be needed. You will need to contact us to replace the license.

You get "License is not found on this computer" message when running a standalone license.

IT has installed a standalone license for you, but when you run the software under your ID, the license installation prompt comes up. This is because the license file for a standalone license is by default installed in the program folder C:\Program Files (x86)\ZetaWare\Trinity 3D\, which the standard user may not have permission to write to. There are two ways to work around this.
  1. Lower UAC settings or specifically allow write access to the above folder, or
  2. Install the license in a local folder (such as C:\Users\your name\ZetaWare\ or C:\ZetaWare\License\) that the standard user has permission to write to,. To be able to change the license folder, you will need to choose the second option on the licensing dialog to install as a network license. Since the license is on the local drive, it will work just like a standalone license.

You get "Key not valid for use in specified state" error when installing any msi file.

Microsoft just introduced a new bug in Windows Installer, via Windows Update in August 2014. After Windows update installs the KB2918614 patch. Windows Installer no longer works. If you run any msi installer, you will get the error. The only fix at the moment is to uninstall KB2918614 patch. Go to Control Panel, and Programs and Features. Click on "View Installed Updates" on the upper left of the window, and look for Security update for Windows Installer (KB2918614) and Right click and Uninstall. Then try install the msi again.

The Internet forums have come up with another solution. Rename the folder "C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Crypto\" to "C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Crypto_old\", where is the name of the user, and run the install again. The Crypto folder will be regenerated by the system. Apparently something the Crypto folder is corrupted by the KB update.

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