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Beta Calculator:

This program calculates the beta factor of a rift basin given the thickness of the post-rift sediments and water depth change. Please refer to McKenzie (1978) for definitions of parameters used: mantle density ρm=3.33 g/cm3, water density ρw=1.03 g/cm3, sediment matrix density ρs=2.65 g/cm3, lithosphere thickness a=130 km, time constant τ=62.8 m.y., temperature at base of lihtosphere T1=1300 °C, α=3.28e-5.

Our basin modeling software, Genesis, use a more advanced technique to determine beta factor. In addition, the heat flow at the base of sediment is not only a function of beta factor, but also sedimentation rate. In some basins, higher sedimentation rate can depress heat flow by as much as 30%, and it could have a significant impact on source rock maturity of rift basins.

Trinity also uses a similar approach to create a map of beta factor for a basin as well as paleo-bathymetry based on thermal and tectonic subsidence considerations.

If you like this tool, let us know. Be sure to check out our simple source rock potential calculator too.


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