ZetaWare --- Coordinate Conversion and Projection Tools

What you see is what you get!
  Convert from lat. long. to UTM and vise versa.
  Helps you find the UTM zone if you do not know. (Free UTM 1.0)
  Custom UTM center meridian.
  Spreadsheet input, copy to and from Excel and other spreadsheets.
  Saves and opens existing work.
  You will not be able to forget how to use it next time.
  11 most commonly used projections: UTM, State Plane, Lambert Conic, Albers Conical, Lambert Athmuthal, Transverse Mercator, Oblique Mercator A, Oblique Mercator B, Polyconic, Mercator, Robinson.
  53 spheroids plus you can add your own by modifying the Spheroids.ini file
  3 coordinate formats: decimal degrees, traditional (degree, minute, second) or GPS (degree, decimal seconds)
  Download it here, new version 3.0 (11/1/05).

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