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If time-since-circulation information is available, but the data are unsuitable for a Horner correction, a correction method based only on the time-since-circulation information has been developed. Teq estimate uncertainties (1 sigma) are on the order of ±10-20 °F at a post-circulation time of 10 hours, decreasing to ±5-10 °F at a post-circulation time of 30 hours. A similar correction method has been developed using data from the deep Golf of Mexico is available here.

Here is how to use this utility:

  1. Select temperature unit.
  2. Enter time-since-circulation (hours) and BHT in appropriate boxes for each log run.
  3. You may chose to average the results from multiple points
Celsius Fahrenheit
Time Since (hours) Temperature Eq. Temp.

How Good Is This Method?

The plot below shows the data set and model fits for the time since circulation method used here. The plot shows the difference between equilibrium temperature (taken to be equivalent to high-graded DST temperature measurements) and adjacent (500 ft) BHT measurements versus time since circulation (N = 983 DST-BHT pairs). The solid line represents the best fit for the equation shown in the box. Dashed lines are standard error estimates.