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   Our Partners and Alliances

Integrated Geochemical Interpretation (UK)
Specializes in geochemical interpretation and basins modeling.

Dolan Integration Group
Geochemistry for exploration, development and production.

PGL -- Engineering Geoscience
Integrated Subsurface Consultancy and Software Developer (UK)

Geochemical Solutions International (US and Brazil)
Geochemical and geophysical expertise and cost-effective technical solutions for the evaluation of petroleum systems.

GNS Hydrocarbons
New Zealand's leading petroleum research and consulting group at the Institude of Geological and Nuclear Sciences.

ucon Geoconsulting (Germany)
Consulting, training and full support for all aspects of quantitative numerical basin and petroleum system modeling.

GEMS S.A., Geochemical analysis and petroleum system analysis
Granjas de Manzanares - Lote 27, Km 6 via a Piedecuesta, Santander, COLOMBIA., PBX (57-7) 6390080
Contact: Pedro Parra

Kuenka Asesorías Geológicas Calle 113 No. 7-21. Torre A. Oficina 1101, Teleport Business Park Teléfono 57-1-6581285. Bogotá, Colombia Contact: Cesar Mora

StratoChem Services
Specializes in geochemical analysis and interpretation and basins modeling, based in Egypt.

--- Specialists in Integration of Geochemical, Geological and Engineering Data.

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