ZetaWare Utilities --- These programs are so easy to use, there is no manual.

ZetaTernary:   Type (or paste) your data in the Excel compatible spreadsheet on the left and symbols will popup in the triangle and the legend. Point to the symbol in the ternary graph and the spreadsheet will highlight the sample automatically. Smart legend will adjust automatically to the number of different symbols.
ZetaLog:   Drop an LAS file in to the program's window and you have a log ready to plot or copy to a graphics program. Plot logs on a large format printer. Click and drag to switch the tracks. Imports ASCII data to overlay with your logs. So easy to use, you can not forget how to use it next time.
ZetaStiff    Type data in the spreadsheet and the stiff-diagram will respond as you type. Customizable elements. Color filled or blank polygons. Log or linear axis in Meqs. Copy and paste from/to MS Office and other applications.

ZetaWare's top 3 signs that a program is too hard to use

      3) The manual is an inch thick
      2) You need to read the manual
      1) There is a manual

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