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Training Courses in London

An intermediate/advanced course will be conducted October 12-14th, at the etc.venues Marble Arch venue.

A beginners course is planned for Nov 2-4th, 2015 in Houston.

Kosmos makes a giant gas discovery

Kosmos announced in April it has made a significant gas discover in Mauritania. See press release here

Cairn Energy makes two oil discoveries in Senegal

Cairn drilled two wells offshore Senegal in 2014, discovering oil in both and opening a new hydrocarbon basin on the Atlantic Margin , with the SNE-1 discovery recognised as potentially the largest global oil discovery in 2014. Contrats!

Recent discoveries by Lundin

Lundin has been very succesful in recent years. After discovering the giant Johan Sverdrup field near shore Norway in 2011, it has made another significant dicovery in the Barent sea in 2014.

Training Courses in Singapore

Training courses are to be held in Singapore: Introductory couse will be conducted August 13-15th, and advanced session 16 and 17th. Location: Singapore Cliftons training facility, Level 11, The Finexis Building, 108 Robinson Road, Singapore.

Two training courses have been complted in Europe earlier this year, March 2-28th in Stavanger, and June 13-15th in Barcelona. We do not have a plan for rest of the year yet, but will consider additional course based on demand.

Tullow Discovery in Kenya

March 7th, 2012. Following its success in Uganda, Tullow has announced discovery of oil in Ngamia-1 well in Kenya, the country's first. Tullow Oil Plc was the pioneer in exploring the East Africa rift system. Tullow was also partner in the ground breaking discovery in Ghana, with Kosmos Energy.

Lundin Discovery in Norway

September 2010. Lundin Petroleum has made a major discovery in Northern North Sea. The giant Johan Sverdrup (formerly Avaldsnes) discovery is the largest find on the NCS since the mid-80s, containing an estimated 1.8 billion barrels of recoverable oil. See the geological story here.

BP scores big discovery in deep water Gulf of Mexico

September 2, 2009, BP announced that it has made a giant discovery in the lower Tertiary of deep water GoM (10 km deep!). There is an interesting article by BusinessWeek posted at , complimentary of BP explorers. Several ZetaWare customers have made significant discoveries in recent years. This include Anadarko with Murphy and Samson (GoM), Anadarko with Woodside, Samson and Tullow Oil (Sierra Leone), Ghana), BP (Egypt and GoM), Chevron (GoM and Angola), Exxon (Brazil), Kosmos Energy with Anadarko and Tullow Oil (Ghana), British Gas (Brazil), Noble Energy (GoM), Murphy Oil (GoM and Malaysia), Gulf Keyston Petroleum (Iraq) and Samson (North Sea). (This is not an exhaustive list, apologies if we left some out). Congratulations. The spirit of exploration lives on.

Presentation at the Hedberg Conference

May 3, 2009. Zhiyong will present a paper on "Interactive Risking of Fluid Properties". The paper will describe work flow and examples for predicting fluid properties (API gravity, GOR) based upon source rock facies, maturity, migration loss, trap timing, and biodegradation processes.

New Shale Gas and CBM Modeling Tools

April, 2009. ZetaWare announces the availability of shale gas and coal bed methane modeling tools built into T3. The shale gas tool calculates the volumes of adsorbed gas, solution gas and free gas through time and their partitioning during burial and uplift. The purpose of the tools are to map sweet spots of potential gas production based on the source rock generation kinetics, physics of sorption, PVT principles. The CMB tool maps the producible gas as a function of coal bed depth (PT condition) and maturity.

New Paleobathymetry and Complex Geology Tools

January, 2009. Several new tools are added in Trinity which enable users to model burial history in various geological situations correctly. The tools help create paleo-bathymetry maps, unconformity/erosion thickness maps as well as restoration of structure movements due to faulting and salt kinematics. These tools allow the paleo-geometry of structure surfaces restored correctly. Very often, modelers assume a constant erosion amount over the area or taken erosion estimates from well data and grid them into maps. They also often use present day bathymetry or topography through time. Due to the vertical deformation only nature of these models, these methods produce incorrect paleo-subsurface geometries which will result in incorrect paleo-structure and in-turn incorrect migration patterns and fetch areas.

New Fluid Property Modeling Capabilities

March, 2008. ZetaWare announces the availability of fluid property prediction toolkit. The new API predictor allows API gravity of expelled oil to be risked. It has been extensively calibrated with hundreds of oil samples and source facies from many different basins. In addition, an interactive biodegradation module is available in T3 to further de-risk scenarios of biodegradation based on source type, maturity, charge rates, thermal history, trap/seal timing and oil-water contact. The tool has been used in several basins to unravel complicated charge history and explain API gravity of deep water oil accumulations and in some cases, the occurrences of tar mats .

Trinity Becomes the Most Popular Kid!

January, 2008. ZetaWare announces that its Trinity user clients have doubled in the past two years. We have more than 70 clients and hundreds of users around the world. In addition to its ease of use and lightning fast speed, one of the key reasons for the success is that Trinity has continuously been kept up to date with new innovations and the latest petroleum system concepts.

T3 Commecially Available.

September, 2007. The second phase of the Trinity consortium has successfully completed. The interactive 3D migration tool allows 3d migration as well as migration through time. It also allows the 3d thermal effects of allochthonous salt to be modeled automatically through time.

Trinity/Genesis user base continue to expand.

Many companies have added additional licenses, evidence of expanded user base of the software in our community. We also added quite a few new clients recently, including Aker Exploration, Carnarvon, Hunt Oil, Karoon Gas, Perenco, Medco, Murphy Oil, RPS Energy, Samson, State of Alaska, Sun Energy and Swift Energy. New users also include several independent consultants.

Congratulations to Kosmos Energy for the Ghana discovery - way to go on your first well!

Trinity/Genesis Training course, July 16-17th. 2007

The training course is fully subscribed. We are planning a training course in Houston later (Sept./October) this year.

Dr. He is to present two papers at the Hedberg conferences, May. 2007

Zhiyong was invited to present two papers at the basin modeling conferences in the Hague. The papers are titled "Rifting and Heat Flow: Why the McKenzie Model is Only Part (~Half) of the Story" and "Interactive 3D migration modeling and prospect risking".

More companies join Trinity and Genesis users.-- Aug. 2006

The latest to become Trinity/Genesis users include ExxonMobil, Devon Energy, Canadian Geological Survey, Japan Oil, Gas and Minerals Corporation (JOGMEC), Nations Energy, MPX Limited and Bureau of Economic Geology.

JOGMEC joins ZetaWare consortium -- March 2006

Japan Oil, Gas and Minerals Corporation joins sponsorship of Trinity 3D development.

Happy Chinese New Year! Jan 28, 2006

We celebrated Chinese New Year - the year of the Dog. We wish all a happy and prosperous new year...

2006 AAPG Convention.

We will have a place to rest and catch up with our clients and friends at Houston AAPG 2006. Booth number 516.

2006 T3 Meeting planned.

The next T3 consortium meeting will be in Galveston, Texas. April 13-14th following AAPG convention. More details soon ...

London user meeting and 2005 T3 consortium meeting announced.

Our first European user meeting will be held at the Rubens hotel next to Buckingham Palace in London.

2005 T3 consortium meeting will be held at the Banff Park Lodge in down town Banff. We have blocked some rooms so discount reservation is available. Our group ID is 3735. or just mention ZetaWare when you are booking with the hotel.

Newest addition to Trinity and Genesis users.-- Aug. 2005

Current Trinity and Genesis users: Anadarko Petroleum, Amerada Hess, Apache Corporation, Bureau of Economic Geology, BP p.l.c., BHPBilliton, Cairn Energy Plc., Chevron, CNOOC, ConocoPhillips, Dana Petroleum, Ecopetrol, El Paso, Endeavour, EOG Resources, GSI Inc., Hocol SA, Kosmos Energy, Lundin Petroleum, Maersk Oil, Melrose Resources, Noble Energy, Norsk Hydro, OXY, Petrotel, Saudi Aramco, Sinopec, Sterling Energy Plc., Tap Oil Ltd. Unocal, Woodside

Saudi Aramco joins ZetaWare consortium -- September 2004

The Trinity 3D consortium welcomes Saudi Aramco as the newest member. The Trinity 3D consortium is focusing efforts to develop algorithms to track and predict hydrocarbon volume and composition (oil and gas) as a function of PVT through the three dimensional geological space in an interactive environment. The main software objective is to develop an alternative approach to traditional 3D basin simulators that are too difficult to use. The 3D P-T development will be focusing on practical, fast and useful algorithms for solving 3D problems without necessarily using traditional matrix based solvers. Current members:

  • Anadarko Petroleum
  • Amerada Hess
  • BHPBilliton
  • BP
  • ConocoPhillips
  • Saudi Aramco
Newest addition to Trinity and Genesis users.-- September 2004

Kerr-McGee North Sea Ltd, Cairn Energy Plc., Dana Petroleum and Occidental Petroleum are the latest addition to the fast expanding list of Trinity and Genesis users. Current users also include Anadarko Petroleum, Amerada Hess, ConocoPhillips, BP p.l.c., BHPBilliton, ChevronTexaco, Ecopetrol, EOG Resources, Fusion Oil and Gas, GSI Inc., Hocol SA, Petrotel, Spinnaker Exploration, Unocal ...

Oil Information Technology Journal cites ZetaWare Trinity in Technology Watch. -- June 2004

Oil Information Technology Journal (published by The Data Room) reported on Trinity and Zetaware at AAPG 2004 on page 22 of its Technology Watch Report.

Dr. Zhiyong He is to co-chair session and present at AAPG -- April 2004

Dr. Zhiyong He is co-charing this year's session on Basin Modeling at AAPG 2004 in Dallas with Dr. Marek Kacewicz of Unocal. He will present a paper titled "Novel Approaches In Quantitative Petroleum System Analysis". Here is the abstract.


The typical use of a basin modeling tool today, remains to be studying the process of basin development, hydrocarbon generation and migration. The goals of such studies are often limited to timing of hydrocarbon generation and maturity prediction. Charge volumes are usually not quantitatively predicted due to the large uncertainties involved in the input parameters such as permeability distribution, heat flow variation and source rock parameters.

Recently, we have developed techniques to quantify charge risks of petroleum prospects by integrating Monte Carlo methods with multi-dimensional basin models. The result is expressed as cumulative probability distribution of charge volumes (both oil and gas) for each petroleum prospect. The distribution of gas-oil-ratio (GOR) can also be quantified. This may be the industry's first multidimensional charge risking system to include the use of laterally and temporally varying inputs, such as source rock isopachs and heat flow maps.

Applications of the charge risking system in several actively explored basins around the world prove that the system can help evaluate and reduce risks associated with drilling petroleum prospects and is very useful in ranking petroleum exploration portfolios. In return this development has helped make basin modeling techniques much more useful in exploration settings.

ZetaWare Attracts World Wide Attension AAPG in Dallas

In 2002, ZetaWare formed a research consortium with several large international oil companies to develop the next generation petroleum system analysis tools. The first product of the consortium is now available to the public. Trinity is the latest map based 3D petroleum system analysis tool that lets users interactively model source maturation, hydrocarbon migration, predict and risk charge volumes, predict petroleum phase and properties, predict geo-pressure with 3D Centroid technology.

Our AAPG booth in Dallas was extremely successful and attracted more visitors than we imagined. Oil IT Journal will soon publish an article on our new technologies.



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