3D Flow Balance Pressure Prediction

Map based flow balance pressure prediction

We have developed algorithms to account for the three-dimensional effects of sand bodies on pressure. Trinity flow balance technique works with pressure data derived from seismic velocities, which reflect mostly background shale pressure, and Genesis 1D basin models that help provide pressure history and sedimentation rate effects. Permeability variations based on seismic or 1D models are used to calculate the sand pressure so that net flow into and out of the sand is balanced. The algorithm can take into account the permeability variation caused by shale de-watering at the base of the sand and under compaction at the top. This greatly increases the accuracy of pre-drill prediction. It is extremely fast and can be used in a probabilistic approach. Further development of this technology will be sponsored in part by our joint industrial consortium for the 2004-2006 period.

This example shows how an amplitude map can be used to define an outline for the sand body. The structure surface and the sand outline are used to define the 3D shape of the sand.The polygon is defined by Trinity's interactive auto-tracing capability.