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Fault Surface and Migration:

The following example shows the latest improvements. User can now define fault surfaces and hydrocarbons can migrate "along" the fault surface. In this case, the fault surface (red) barrier prevented the oil leaked from the bottom most reservoir from migrating vertically through the fault plane, causing stacked accumulations in the foot wall. Without the fault feature, oil leaking from the first reservoir will incorrectly end up in the hanging wall.

Migration and trapping against faults.

Uncertainty in Migration:

This next example shows that an uncertainty characteristics can be assigned to individual carrier beds. The result mimics the uncertainty caused by facies variations. We do not believe that seismic resolution is going to give us information for modeling true capillary percolation. But we can simulate the variability of capillary boundaries between sedimentary facies at scales that may be interpreted from seismic data.


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