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Services We Provide:

Want to go beyond the self-directed tutorials  to learn how to use Zetaware software more effectively?  Need help getting a project started?  Don't have the time or resources to address petroleum systems related questions with respect to a prospect, block(s), or basin?  Zetaware provides the following services to help address your petroleum systems modeling needs:

  • One-on-one or group training using Zetaware software
Project Consulting
  • Identify key petroleum systems issues with respect to a region or prospect
  • Rank prospects based on understanding the plumbing and charge access risk. Predict fluid types and charge volume risking
  • Assist in setting up a Trinity and/or Genesis project for a specific area
Petroleum Systems Studies
  • Maturity, migration pathway, and fetch area maps
  • Probabilistic charge volume and GOR prediction
  • Deliverables: Trinity/Genesis projects, presentations, and/or reports as needed
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